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Intra-cavity beam control: a comparison of spatial light modulators and adaptive mirrors
Liesl Burger, Igor Litvin, Andrew Forbes

Date: 06-06-2011 18:30 PM – 18:40 PM
Last modified: 2011-06-01


It is well understood that the fundamental mode of a cavity may be selected by suitable choice of intra-cavity amplitude or phase elements, a technique which is beneficial for high performance material processing. If one wishes to dynamically control the mode, for example, to manage thermal aberrations, then intra-cavity elements that are controllable are required. Two such elements are adaptive mirrors and spatial light modulators (SLMs). In this poster we present early results on the intra-cavity use of SLMs, and highlight some expected and unexpected problems. We then compare our results to our first attempts at the use of an intracavity adaptive mirror. (...)

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