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Poster session

Adaptive feedback control in self-mixing interferometry using active optical elements PDF
Reza Atashkhooei, Usman Zabit, S. Royo, F. Azcona, Irina Sergievskaya
Marginal blind deconvolution of adaptive-optics corrected images: first applications to experimental retinal images PDF
Leonardo Blanco, Laurent Mugnier
Distributed actuator deformable mirror application in visual and ultrafast optics PDF
S. Bonora, F. Frassetto, S. Coraggia, C. Spezzani, M. Coreno, M. Negro, M. Devetta, C. Vozzi, S. Stagira, L. Poletto
Intra-cavity beam control: a comparison of spatial light modulators and adaptive mirrors PDF
Liesl Burger, Igor Litvin, Andrew Forbes
PushPull deformable mirror: performances in closed loop operation and comparison with membrane mirror PDF
Tommaso Occhipinti, Ivan Capraro, Alberto Acciari, Stefano Bonora, Cosmo Trestino, Gianluigi Meneghini
Visual impact of interference gratings created with a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator PDF
Sara Castillo, Brian Vohnsen
Thick samples image improvement from image aberration function correction PDF
Ivan Doudet, Benoit Wattellier
Wavefront aberrations in off-axis spherical mirror systems PDF
Armando Gómez Vieyra, Daniel Malacara Hernández, Carlos A. Vargas
Benefit of Adaptive Optics correction of Ocular High Order Aberrations on Contrast Sensitivity PDF
P. de Gracia, Susana Marcos, A. Mathur, David A. Atchison
Phase Detection for Quantitative Optical Microscopy PDF
Ignacio Iglesias
Measurement of the laser beam M2 parameter using a novel device incorporating a liquid lens PDF
Steven Knox, Michael Shaw, Simon Hall
Effects of ocular aberrations on contrast detection in noise PDF
Bo Liang, Rong Liu, Yun Dai, Haoxin Zhao, Jiawei Zhou, Yifeng Zhou, Yudong Zhang
On the application of speckle imaging using projection methods PDF
Mikhail Loktev, Gleb Vdovin, Oleg Soloviev, Svyatoslav Savenko
Regional differences in parafoveal cone density distribution investigated with a compact adaptive optics ophthalmoscope PDF
Marco Lombardo, Giuseppe Lombardo, Sebastiano Serrao, Domenico Schiano Lomoriello, Pietro Ducoli
Adaptive Optics enhances imaging in Age-related Macular Degeneration PDF
K. Nakashima, R. Porcar, M. Benchaboune, M. Ullern, B. Lamory, E. Vuaillat, N. Chateau, J. A. Sahel, M. Paques
High speed dynamics characterization, system identification, and control to optimize the dynamic behavior of an electromagnetic deformable mirror for ophthalmic applications PDF
Erika Odlund, Henri François Raynaud, Caroline Kulcsár, Xavier Levecq, Adrian Gh. Podoleanu
Adaptive optics in high numerical aperture microscopy PDF
Michael Shaw, Carl Paterson
High resolution flood illumination retinal imaging system with adaptive optics PDF
Marwan Suheimat, Chris Dainty
Deformable mirrors for low-order correction PDF
Gleb Vdovin, Oleg Soloviev, Mikhail Loktev

Session I. Adaptive Optics for ultrafast and ultrahigh power lasers

[Invited talk] Frontiers in ultra-high-power lasers. What adaptive optics can offer PDF
Luis Roso, Rocío Borrego Varillas, Juan M. Bueno, P. Artal
Adaptive Diffraction grating for a compensated high order harmonics monochromator PDF
S. Bonora, S. Casino, E. Zanchetta, G. Brusatin, F. Frassetto, S. Coraggia, L. Poletto
A method to measure the wavefront of short pulsed lasers through second-harmonic generation PDF
Rocío Borrego Varillas, C. Romero, J. R. Vázquez de Aldana, J. M. Bueno, L. Roso
3D focal spot control for high power lasers using adaptive optics PDF
Ivan Doudet, Benoit Wattellier
[Invited talk] Deformable Mirrors for High Power Lasers PDF
Sven Verpoort, Ulrich Wittrock

Session II. Wavefront corrector devices I. Spatial light modulators

[Invited talk] Controlling light with spatial light modulators PDF
Andrew Forbes
[Invited talk] Wavefront shaping with LCOS devices PDF
Pedro M. Prieto, Enrique J. Fernández, Pablo Artal
Dynamic Holography in Liquid Crystalline Matrix in Adaptive Optics PDF
Vladimir Yu Venediktov
Use of white light illumination for the adaptive optics visual simulator implementing Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) technology PDF
Enrique J. Fernández, Pedro M. Prieto, Pablo Artal

Session III. Biomedical imaging and AO

[Invited talk] Adaptive Optics and biomedical imaging
Hans Gerritsen
Dual-conjugate adaptive optics imaging of foveal capillary network in human eyes PDF
Zoran Popovic, Jörgen Thaung, Per Knutsson, Mette Owner Petersen
Promises and limitations of wavefront corrections with annular apertures using Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy PDF
Brian Vohnsen, Diego José Rativa Millán
Performance of an AO - sub system for imaging human retina in vivo: An update on the UC Davis AO-OCT / AO-SLO instrument PDF
Robert J. Zawadzki, Steven M. Jones, Dae Yu Kim, Lisa Poyneer, Arlie G. Capps, Scot S. Olivier, John S. Werner
[Invited talk] Medical Imaging Systems Using Bio-Inspired Fluidic Lenses PDF
Ashkan Arianpour, Frank Tsai, Yuhwa Lo

Session IV. Wavefront corrector devices II. Deformable mirrors

Photocontrolled deformable mirror PDF
Stefano Bonora, U. Bortolozze, J. P. Huignar, S. Residori
Optical characterization of a screen printed actuator deformable mirror PDF
Claudia Bruchmann, Michael Appelfelder, Sascha Türke, Erik Beckert, Ramona Eberhardt, Andreas Tünnermann
Compensating aberrations of a 6 inch concave membrane mirror PDF
Ivo Buske, Peter Becker
Closed-Loop AO Performance of a Liquid Mirror PDF
Eric S. ten Have, Gleb Vdovin

Session V. Wavefront sensors, control systems and strategies

[Invited talk] Test Bed Systems for AO PDF
Sergio R. Restaino, Christopher C. Wilcox, Jonathan R. Andrews, Freddie Santiago, Ty Martínez
Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor and its problems PDF
Alexis Kudryashov, Vadim Samarkin, Alex Alexandrov, Julia Sheldakova, Valentina Zavalova
Control system design and implementation for compensating the eye’s wave aberrations PDF
Kaccie Y. Li
Fast correction in adaptive optical system using block control PDF
Irina Sergievskaya, S. Royo, J. Riu, M. Ares
Minimization of the microlens density in a Hartmann-Shack sensor PDF
Otávio Gomes de Oliveira, Davies W. de Lima Monteiro
Wavefront sensing using a liquid-filled photonic crystal fiber PDF
Diego José Rativa Millán, Brian Vohnsen
Coherence-gated phase-shifting wavefront measurements PDF
Tim van Werkhoven, H. C. Gerritsen, J. Antonello, R. Fraanje, M. Verhaegen, C. U. Keller
Wavefront correction with deformable mirror – how to put actuators PDF
Vadim Samarkin, Alexander Alexandrov, Alexander Alexandrov, Alexei Rykosuev, Yulia Sheldakova
[Invited talk] Dynamics of adaptive optical systems PDF
Vladimir Lukin

Session VI. Industry breakthroughs

Adaptive Optics Vision Analyzer: a visual optics lab in a box PDF
Guillermo M. Pérez, Enrique J. Fernández, Pedro M. Prieto, Pablo Artal
Adaptica: products outline and technology developments PDF
Tommaso Occhipinti, Alberto Acciari, Stefano Bonora, Ivan Capraro, Cosmo Trestino, Gianluigi Meneghini
AO Commercialization: From building block AO components to turnkey AO enhanced microscope instrumentation PDF
John Taranto, Benjamin Potsaid, Alex E. Cable, Scott Barry
Recent developments of adaptive optics at ALPAO PDF
Frederic Rooms, S. Camet, J.F. Curis, J. Charton, S. Cètre, L. Jocou
The shaping of light: MEMS deformable mirrors for adaptive optics applications
Paul Bierden, Steven Conelissen, Jason Stewart, Thomas Bifano

Session VII. Adaptive Optics and microscopy

[Invited talk] Adaptive Optics for Microscopy and Photonic Engineering PDF
Martin J. Booth
Wide field adaptive optics microscopy based on image sharpness optimization in a sensorless and sensored configuration PDF
Cyril Bourgenot, Christopher D. Saunter, John M. Girkin, Gordon D. Love
Effective and robust implementation strategies for adaptive optics in sectioning microscopy PDF
Jordi Andilla, Rafael Porcar, Rodrigo Aviles-Espinoza, Omar Olarte, Xavier Levecq
Extended depth-of-focus with induced spherical aberration improves 3D multiphoton microscopy PDF
Juan M. Bueno, Emilio J. Gualda, Pablo Artal
[Invited talk] Adaptive Optics for Biological Light Microscopy at Durham PDF
Christopher D. Saunter, Cyril Bourgenot, John M. Girkin, Gordon D. Love

Session VIII. Adaptive Optics in Vision

[Invited talk] Adaptive Optics guided Therapies PDF
Melanie Campbell
Binocular adaptive optics system with dynamic convergence control PDF
Karen M. Hampson, Edward A. H. Mallen
Implication of attention on the appearance of an aberrated target in the isoplanatic patch of central vision PDF
Elie de Lestrange, Chris Dainty
Visual improvement of perceptual learning based on adaptive optics system for human eyes PDF
Yudong Zhang, Haoxin Zhao, Yun Dai, Bo Liang, Jiawei Zhou, Yifeng Zhou
Binocular Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator Featuring Full Control over the Complex Pupil Functions PDF
Christina Schwarz, Enrique J. Fernández, Pedro M. Prieto, Pablo Artal
Adaptive Optics as a tool to study changes in the perceived neutral point after correction of astigmatism PDF
María Vinas, Lucie Sawides, Pablo de Gracia, Susana Marcos
Reading impairment in the presence of simulated defocus, coma or secondary astigmatism PDF
Laura K. Young, Hannah E. Smithson, Richard M. Myers, Simon P. Liversedge, Gordon D. Love

Session IX. Miscelaneous, research collaborations and future meeting

[Invited talk] Smart Optics Systems: A Multidisciplinary Research Program on AO in the Netherlands PDF
Michel Verhaehen, C. Keller, K. J. Boller, R. Munnig Schmidt, G. Vdovin, N. Doelman
Propagating aberrated laser beams PDF
Cosmas Mafusire, Andrew Forbes
Adaptive Coronagraphy PDF
Miguel A. Cagigas, Pedro J. Valle, Manuel P. Cagigal
Adaptive lens for confocal imaging
Guoqiang Li

ISBN: 978-84-695-3942-2