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AOIM Droplets in Murcia 3D focal spot control for high power lasers using adaptive optics Abstract
Ivan Doudet, Benoit Wattellier
AOIM Droplets in Murcia A method to measure the wavefront of short pulsed lasers through second-harmonic generation Abstract
Rocío Borrego Varillas, C. Romero, J. R. Vázquez de Aldana, J. M. Bueno, L. Roso
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Adaptica: products outline and technology developments Abstract
Tommaso Occhipinti, Alberto Acciari, Stefano Bonora, Ivan Capraro, Cosmo Trestino, Gianluigi Meneghini
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Adaptive Coronagraphy Abstract
Miguel A. Cagigas, Pedro J. Valle, Manuel P. Cagigal
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Adaptive Diffraction grating for a compensated high order harmonics monochromator Abstract
S. Bonora, S. Casino, E. Zanchetta, G. Brusatin, F. Frassetto, S. Coraggia, L. Poletto
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Adaptive feedback control in self-mixing interferometry using active optical elements Abstract
Reza Atashkhooei, Usman Zabit, S. Royo, F. Azcona, Irina Sergievskaya
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Adaptive lens for confocal imaging Abstract
Guoqiang Li
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Adaptive Optics as a tool to study changes in the perceived neutral point after correction of astigmatism Abstract
María Vinas, Lucie Sawides, Pablo de Gracia, Susana Marcos
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Adaptive Optics enhances imaging in Age-related Macular Degeneration Abstract
K. Nakashima, R. Porcar, M. Benchaboune, M. Ullern, B. Lamory, E. Vuaillat, N. Chateau, J. A. Sahel, M. Paques
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Adaptive optics in high numerical aperture microscopy Abstract
Michael Shaw, Carl Paterson
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Adaptive Optics Vision Analyzer: a visual optics lab in a box Abstract
Guillermo M. Pérez, Enrique J. Fernández, Pedro M. Prieto, Pablo Artal
AOIM Droplets in Murcia AO Commercialization: From building block AO components to turnkey AO enhanced microscope instrumentation Abstract
John Taranto, Benjamin Potsaid, Alex E. Cable, Scott Barry
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Benefit of Adaptive Optics correction of Ocular High Order Aberrations on Contrast Sensitivity Abstract
P. de Gracia, Susana Marcos, A. Mathur, David A. Atchison
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Binocular adaptive optics system with dynamic convergence control Abstract
Karen M. Hampson, Edward A. H. Mallen
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Binocular Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator Featuring Full Control over the Complex Pupil Functions Abstract
Christina Schwarz, Enrique J. Fernández, Pedro M. Prieto, Pablo Artal
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Closed-Loop AO Performance of a Liquid Mirror Abstract
Eric S. ten Have, Gleb Vdovin
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Coherence-gated phase-shifting wavefront measurements Abstract
Tim van Werkhoven, H. C. Gerritsen, J. Antonello, R. Fraanje, M. Verhaegen, C. U. Keller
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Compensating aberrations of a 6 inch concave membrane mirror Abstract
Ivo Buske, Peter Becker
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Control system design and implementation for compensating the eye’s wave aberrations Abstract
Kaccie Y. Li
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Deformable mirrors for low-order correction Abstract
Gleb Vdovin, Oleg Soloviev, Mikhail Loktev
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Distributed actuator deformable mirror application in visual and ultrafast optics Abstract
S. Bonora, F. Frassetto, S. Coraggia, C. Spezzani, M. Coreno, M. Negro, M. Devetta, C. Vozzi, S. Stagira, L. Poletto
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Dual-conjugate adaptive optics imaging of foveal capillary network in human eyes Abstract
Zoran Popovic, Jörgen Thaung, Per Knutsson, Mette Owner Petersen
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Dynamic Holography in Liquid Crystalline Matrix in Adaptive Optics Abstract
Vladimir Yu Venediktov
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Effective and robust implementation strategies for adaptive optics in sectioning microscopy Abstract
Jordi Andilla, Rafael Porcar, Rodrigo Aviles-Espinoza, Omar Olarte, Xavier Levecq
AOIM Droplets in Murcia Effects of ocular aberrations on contrast detection in noise Abstract
Bo Liang, Rong Liu, Yun Dai, Haoxin Zhao, Jiawei Zhou, Yifeng Zhou, Yudong Zhang
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